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    Freeze Cola 10ml
    Freeze Cola 10ml

    Freeze Cola 10ml

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    Liquideo's Freeze Cola e-liquid is a fresh and delicious e-liquid that will delight cola lovers. Its intense and sweet cola taste is perfectly balanced by a touch of menthol which gives it a welcome freshness.

    This e-liquid is available in 10 ml format with a nicotine level of 0, 3, 6 or 10 mg/ml. It is compatible with most electronic cigarettes

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    Liquideo's Freeze Cola e-liquid is a must-have for all cola lovers. With its intense and refreshing aroma, it will take you on a journey through summer.

    Composition and flavor

    The Freeze Cola e-liquid is composed of 50% propylene glycol and 50% vegetable glycerin. This composition gives it an airy vapor and a soft hit. The cola aroma is powerful and delicious, with a touch of menthol which gives it an incomparable freshness.

    Nicotine dosage

    Freeze Cola e-liquid is available in four nicotine strengths: 0 mg/ml, 3 mg/ml, 6 mg/ml and 10 mg/ml. You can choose the dosage that suits you based on your tobacco consumption.

    Instructions for use

    To fully benefit from Freeze Cola e-liquid, use a clearomizer or subohm atomizer. You will thus be able to obtain dense and tasty vapor.


    Freeze Cola e-liquid is an excellent choice for all vapers looking for an intense and refreshing cola flavor. Its 10ml format is perfect for daily use.

    Some additional tips to fully enjoy Freeze Cola e-liquid

    • For an even more intense vapor, you can use a clearomizer or an atomizer with restricted airflow.
    • If you want to add a touch of personalization to your vape, you can add a few drops of concentrated aroma.
    • To preserve the quality of your e-liquid, keep it away from light and heat.
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    Data sheet

    Bottle Capacity
    Flavor type
    Main flavor
    Second flavor
    Composition PG/VG
    50% / 50%
    10ml Nicotinés
    Cap type
    Child safety
    Type de flacon
    P.E.T. with twist cap

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    Freeze Cola 10ml
    Freeze Cola 10ml

    Freeze Cola 10ml

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