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    Spearmint concentrate 30ml
    Spearmint concentrate 30ml

    Spearmint concentrate 30ml

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    A juicy and tangy green apple for a fruity and refreshing vape.

    Vampire Vape's Applelicious concentrate is a DIY flavor that perfectly replicates the taste of a green apple.

    Its flavor is both sweet and tangy, with a hint of freshness that gives it a unique character.

    This concentrate is perfect for vapers looking for a fruity and indulgent vape experience.

    It can be used on its own or combined with other flavors to create personalized recipes.

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    The freshness of American chewing gum

    Vampire Vape's Spearmint concentrate is a sweet peppermint flavor reminiscent of the famous American chewing gum. It is ideal for vapers who enjoy both freshness and sweetness.


    • Brand: Vampire Vape
    • Type: Concentrated flavor
    • Quantity: 30ml
    • Flavor: Sweet peppermint

    Recommended Dosage

    The recommended dosage is 10 to 20% flavor in your mix. For a 100ml e-liquid, you will need to add 10 to 20ml of flavor.

    Usage Tips

    • Shake the bottle well before use.
    • Dilute the flavor in a PG/VG base of your choice.
    • Agitate vigorously for at least 30 minutes.
    • Let the mix rest for 24 hours before vaping.


    • For maximum freshness, use a high PG content base.
    • For a milder taste, use a high VG content base.


    • Authentic flavor of American chewing gum
    • Intense freshness
    • Easy dosage


    Vampire Vape's Spearmint concentrate is an excellent choice for vapers who appreciate both freshness and sweetness. It's easy to use and allows for the creation of flavorful and realistic e-liquids.

    Vampire Vape
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    Bottle Capacity
    Flavor type
    Main flavor
    Chlorophyll Mint
    United Kingdom
    Cap type
    Child safety
    Type de flacon
    P.E.T. with twist cap
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    Spearmint concentrate 30ml
    Spearmint concentrate 30ml

    Spearmint concentrate 30ml

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